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Depth, conditioning concerns for Lakewood High football

The Sumter Item sports writer Danny Kelly conducted a question-and-answer interview with each of the 12 high school football coaches in Sumter, Clarendon and Lee counties, asking each the same five questions about their recently concluded spring practices. Today we have Lakewood High School head coach Larry Cornelius.

Q: What was your No. 1 goal in spring practice and do you feel like you accomplished that?

A: Really just learning base plays on offense and defense, and, overall, yes.

Q: Were there any players who stood out to you?

A: No. I thought they (all) did a good job. Our energy was really good, you know. I mean, two biggest things we were looking for out of all players in general was attitude and effort, and I thought they responded very well. You know, the weather was warm, pretty hot over spring, and I thought they did a good job facing that adversity.

Q: Was there anything that left you concerned?

A: Depth. You know, that’s something that we’re gonna continue to struggle with. You know, we just don’t; the numbers aren’t huge this year, or as of right now, so, you know, we’re gonna just rely on a lot of guys that we might not have expected early on.

Q: Where do you need to make the most progress over summer entering fall?

A: Conditioning. You know, I think we’re gonna have a lot of players playing on offense, defense and special teams, so our main priority in general-wise is getting them where they need to be in shape-wise.

Q: What was one area or position you feel like you solidified in the spring?

A: We’re always working. I’m never satisfied. I’d say all positions will continue to work harder.

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