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Five Questions with Andrew Jackson head coach Todd Shigley

1. What was your number one goal entering fall practice and have you accomplished that?

Our number one goal was to shore up our linemen on both sides of the ball. It will be a rotation on both sides, but we feel more comfortable after a week of practice.

2. Who was an individual that has stood out to you so far?

We have not had any one person stand out so far. We know who we have and we have to see if a few guys are going to step up to their potential. So far, the guys we hoped would mature have stepped up.

3. What has left you a little concerned so far?

We are concerned with depth. Like it is for everyone, we only have so many and if one goes down, we might have to start shuffling guys to other positions. We had this issue last year, but I feel we are better prepared this year in case that happens.

4. Where do you think you need to make the most progress?

We will need to make progress in developing the backups so there is not as much drop off when they come in and take some reps from the starters on special teams. It takes everyone to be successful and everyone in the program has to look at it that way.

5. What was one area or position you feel like you’ve solidified so far? 

We knew coming in that our skill positions on both sides of the ball would be good. We will need to make sure we keep them working to better themselves with each rep. We are excited about the opportunity we have, but understand nothing is going to be given to us. We will have to earn what we get.

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