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Waccamaw hopes to carry momentum into matchup with Aynor

By Joshua Ford | Waccamaw contributor

Waccamaw is is facing a tough matchup on the road this Friday against the Aynor Blue Jackets. Aynor didn’t play last week, but the Warriors know what to expect from the Blue Jackets and are looking to win two games in a row for the first time since 2014.

“Aynor is a football team that has beaten us my two previous years,” head coach Shane Fidler said. “Every time you play Aynor they’re extremely tough, they’re physical and always well prepared at what they do. So this week, our preparation is to get the guys to understand how tough the game is going to be and how we have to be disciplined because they’re going to be.”

Waccamaw started their season off on the right foot, downing Carvers Bay 44-0 last week.

“With us winning the Carvers Bay game, we’re going to have the confidence it takes to put up a good fight with Aynor,” senior tight end Markell Strang said. “It’ll take a lot of toughness because they’re a real physical team and it will take a lot of determination. We just got to really believe in ourselves.”

After the win against the Bears last week, defensive coordinator Amondre Johnson said that the win made the players believe in the work they put in.

“They bought in, they believe that they are people of great character and that’s our goal,” Johnson said. “It’s not just raising football players, it’s bringing up young men to be tough and face adversity because this game is similar to life. There’s gonna be tough times, there’s gonna be high times like this and there’s gonna be times where we’re going to be challenged and we’re going to fight through it and we’ll do it together.”

Aynor is a team that has a simple philosophy: stick to your scheme and clean it up each week. Waccamaw does the same thing.

“Each week, we identify what the other team does and adjust our plan accordingly. I don’t think there’s any reason to add stuff it’s just a matter of cleaning up and getting better at what we do,” Fidler said. “It’s a good philosophy so we’re making sure that we clean up what we do so that way, going forward, we’re fine.”

Waccamaw’s focus is on having the strength to compete with Aynor and stopping their single-wing offense. “Aynor can probably do it better than anyone I’ve ever seen so you gotta be disciplined and do the best you can to prepare for it in a week,” said coach Fidler.

While the team is trying to ride the momentum of the 44-point win last week, Strang is trying to stay cool and not get too cocky.

“I’m just trying to get everyone to stay focused and to get ready for the next game because you never know what could happen.” Strang said.

“We’ve been doing some things in practice to recreate what Aynor does, which is very hard to do,” Fidler said. “But we’re just trying to get them to understand how physical and how mentally tough and gritty they’ve got to be if we’re gonna come out on top.”

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