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Waccamaw stumbles in 54-13 loss to Aynor

By Joshua Ford | Waccamaw Contributor

Waccamaw came back to Earth this week after a stunning 44-0 shutout of Carvers Bay last week, falling to Aynor 54-13 on Friday night.

The Blue Jackets toughness was unmatched as they ran the ball efficiently against the Warriors. Aynor’s Andrew Bowman racked up 102 yards and two touchdowns on just 13 carries.

“All week, people were telling us how great we were,” head coach Shane Fidler said. “In the hallways, in the community, on tv, we’re game of the week, we’re all these great things and we didn’t handle it at all. We did a terrible job of handling it, and now we’re back to where we were: back to square one. Now we just go back and grind it out and get it done.”

Aynor went to their ground attack right away, running to the left side four times before running back Fred Pollard found the end zone with a 15-yard touchdown run to give the Blue Jackets an early 6-0 lead.

Waccamaw’s first snap on offense was bobbled by quarterback Denson Chrisler and fumbled by running back Kaimon Skinner. Aynor capitalized with another touchdown run as Anthony Eaddy crossed the goal line just 24 seconds after Pollard.

Waccamaw again fumbled on their next possession and this time it was a 53-yard pass from Riley Phipps to Andrew Brown to put Aynor ahead 18-0.

The Warriors next possession resulted in a third straight turnover that ultimately led to a Phipps 9-yard touchdown run and 25-0 lead for the Blue Jackets.

Waccamaw’s finally broke through on their next drive. Running back Javion Simmons had a handfu ofl good runs to put them in Blue Jacket territory. A second down pass from Chrisler was almost picked off but the defender dropped it after it sailed over the head of wideout Kam Green. Chrisler collected himself on the following third down; Waccamaw broke out a screen for Simmons that picked up first down yardage and could’ve gone for a lot more if Simmons wasn’t tackled by the shoelace. 

Waccamaw drove down to the goal line with the help of a late hit call but a high snap and a sack sent them back to the 28 for fourth and goal. Chrilser was able to find Green out of the slot for the touchdown and the Warriors made it 25-6.

“They did a good job tonight, defensively, taking away Tyree Funnye. They did a real good job of that. It opened up Kam Green,” Fidler said of Aynor. Green finished with three catches for 42 yards and a touchdown.

“We had a great drive there in the middle of the second quarter,” said Fidler. “That’s the kind of football drive we want. That’s what we practice, that’s our goal. We just gotta figure out how to keep that momentum.”

Aynor responded with another touchdown run to make it 33-6 heading into the break. 

Things didn’t get much better for Waccamaw in the second half as their first two drives were punts and their third a pick-6 to make it 47-6 late in the third. Following that score, Skinner took off for a 65 yard rushing touchdown on Waccamaw’s ensuing drive, flashing his blazing speed.

“Well he’s on the 4X100 meter state finals. So is Jay (Javion Simmons). Jay did a good job too,” Fidler said of the running backs. “[Skinner] is a tough kid. We just gotta get his fundamentals down with his fumbles early and all that.”

Aynor knelt the ball with 2:14 to go and the scoreboard in their favor, 54-13.

“A game like this,” Fidler said, “is a wakeup call for a team to experience playoff football and they’re hoping that they can get a better result against Andrews next week.”

“That’s why Aynor was on this schedule because you gotta beat a team like this if you want to win in the playoffs,” Fidler said. “Andrews is another team, physical offenses like that, that’s why they’re on the schedule early so we can see those teams and see what we have moving forward. We just want to see kids come out and tackle next week, simple as that. 

“Next week that’s what we’re looking for; we wanna see, all week, if our guys are gonna come out to work and be willing to do what we ask them to do and that’s to be tough and physical. If we wanna win in the playoffs you gotta be tough and physical.”

“Sometimes with a young team you need nights like this to see how you’re gonna respond and come back,” Fidler said. “You hate losing, but this could be a good lesson going forward. We’re gonna turn it into that.”

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