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Florence Christian

By EDDIE LITAKER | Special to The Sumter Item MANNING -- Laurence Manning Academy's varsity football team held off a
1.What was your number one goal entering fall practice and have you accomplished that? Developing depth at certain spots.  We

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Florence Christian

#PlayerTeamPositionPA CompPA AttIntRush YdsRush TDRecRec Yds
1Marshall BrownFlorence ChristianLB, RB0000000
4Jack McFaddenFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
5|25Ethan KellyFlorence ChristianLB, RB0000000
6Luke HicksFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
7Andre AikensFlorence ChristianDB, RB0000000
9Zack TrammellFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
10Harrison ForehandFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
11|82Ethan KirbyFlorence ChristianLB, WR0000000
12Chase FeaginFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
13Graham BerryFlorence ChristianDE, TE0000000
15Robbie JordanFlorence ChristianQB0000000
20Ian SinghFlorence ChristianDT, RB0000000
21George RihmawiFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
22Alex RishmawiFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
27Phillip HucksFlorence ChristianLB, RB0000000
32Daniel CoatesFlorence ChristianLB, RB0000000
35Jayce McLaughlinFlorence ChristianLB, TE0000000
42Tristen GoreFlorence ChristianDT, TE0000000
45Harrison BrownFlorence ChristianLB, RB0000000
50Lane WardFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
51John Rogers KirvenFlorence ChristianDE, OL0000000
52Dawson SmithFlorence ChristianLG, OG0000000
55Garrett WardFlorence ChristianOLB0000000
56Kaiden SchafferFlorence ChristianLB, OL0000000
58Kohl DuncanFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
60Payton WatsonFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
62Jackson GrayFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
64Ayden DuboseFlorence ChristianLB, OL0000000
65Jonas DutyFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
66Gavin PerezFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
68Joshua McDanielFlorence ChristianLB, OL0000000
70Jack BowmanFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
71Justin GibbsFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
77Josh CarrFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
78Conner WaltersFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
79Micah PittmanFlorence ChristianDL, OL0000000
80Luke HannahFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
81Ethan ByrdFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
84Emekah JohnsonFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
85Jesse TimmonsFlorence ChristianDB, WR0000000
86Cameron McGeeFlorence ChristianS, TE0000000
99Cameron WhiteFlorence ChristianK, WR0000000

SCISA 2A Region I


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