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Laurence Manning Academy

By Jack Jeffrey | Pinewood Prep Contributor Pinewood Prep fell to Laurence Manning Academy 34-6 on Friday night. The Swampcats
By Jack Jeffrey | Pinewood Prep Contributor Pinewood Prep travels to Laurence Manning Academy on Friday, October 25th to take
By EDDIE LITAKER | Special to The Sumter Item MANNING -- Laurence Manning Academy's varsity football team held off a
By TIM LEIBLE The Laurence Manning Academy football team didn't have a Week Zero matchup last week, so it's anxious
The Sumter Item sports writer Danny Kelly conducted a question-and-answer interview with each of the 12 high school football coaches

Laurence Manning Academy

#PlayerTeamPositionPA CompPA AttPA YardsPA TDIntRush ATTRush YdsRush TDRecRec YdsRec TD
1Gabe HarrisLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
2Burgess JordanLaurence Manning AcademyDB, QB00000000000
3Mickey JordanLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
4Stephens BennettLaurence Manning AcademyLB, RB00000000000
5Nolan OsteenLaurence Manning AcademyLB, RB00000000000
7Lawrence FraserLaurence Manning AcademyLB, QB00000000000
9Isaiah BillupsLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
10Josh SharpeLaurence Manning AcademyDB, RB00000000000
11Tripp JoyeLaurence Manning AcademyDB, RB00000000000
12Kyle HortonLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
13Davis ClemmonsLaurence Manning AcademyDB, RB00000000000
17Jonathan GriffithLaurence Manning AcademyDB, RB00000000000
19Trey SharpeLaurence Manning AcademyDB, RB00000000000
21Johnson JollyLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
22Wyatt RowlandLaurence Manning AcademyDB, RB00000000000
24Tristan FohtLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
25Jackson LeeLaurence Manning AcademyK, P00000000000
28Dalton HugginsLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
30Ty DangerfieldLaurence Manning AcademyDB, WR00000000000
51Pierce DavisLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
52Henry BlackLaurence Manning AcademyLB, OL00000000000
53Reid JordanLaurence Manning AcademyLB, OL00000000000
54Dalton BrownLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
55Shayne StephensLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
56Cody EmbreeLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
58Wes SharpeLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
61Van GardnerLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
62CJ GriffithLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
63Britton MorrisLaurence Manning AcademyLB, OL00000000000
64Cantey GardnerLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000
65Austin DukeLaurence Manning AcademyDL, OL00000000000

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