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Pee Dee Academy

1.What was your number one goal entering fall practice and have you accomplished that? Plug a lot of new faces

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Pee Dee Academy

#PlayerTeamPositionPA CompPA AttIntRush YdsRush TDRecRec Yds
1Reed TrussellPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
2Luke CarterPee Dee AcademyLB, WR0000000
3Ryan ForneyPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
4Caleb OakleyPee Dee AcademyDB, QB, WR0000000
5Drew SingletaryPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
7Connor GarrisPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
8Mason TurbevillePee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
9Hudson SpiveyPee Dee AcademyDE, QB, WR0000000
10Connor GasquePee Dee AcademyDE, WR0000000
11Christopher SteppPee Dee AcademyLB, WR0000000
12Kyle ZemanPee Dee AcademyK, LB, RB0000000
14Gavin OakleyPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
21Harley CarterPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
22Coleby SinclairPee Dee AcademyLB, RB0000000
23Allen MoorePee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
26Gabe EstesPee Dee AcademyDE, WR0000000
27Rivers EstesPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
32Lane CardwellPee Dee AcademyDB, WR0000000
44Colton CaulderPee Dee AcademyLB, WR0000000
50Landyn TylerPee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
52Danny BarkerPee Dee AcademyLB, OL0000000
54Wyatt MillerPee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
55Tripp SpiveyPee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
58Timothy JohnsonPee Dee AcademyLB, OL0000000
60AJ ForneyPee Dee AcademyDE, OL0000000
64Jack HulonPee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
65Dylan CarterPee Dee AcademyDE, OL0000000
66Coleman KimbrellPee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
68Peyton HardeePee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
71Bradley TartePee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
75Zachary MartinPee Dee AcademyDE, OL0000000
76Jacob RousePee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
77Sam GasquePee Dee AcademyDL, OL0000000
85Richard SmithPee Dee AcademyLB, WR0000000

SCISA 1A Region I


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